Torch Tuesday Hip-Hop Awards Wrap-Up (Audio)

Last Tuesday I attended the Torch Tuesday Hip-Hop Awards here in Springfield. While I was there I caught up with the host of the show Aaron “Uncanny” Phillips and spoke with him about the awards. Below is the interview and the wrap-up of who won what!

Rookie of the Year: Contact
New Group of the Year: Albino Alliance
Grind Award: L. P.Z.
Community “Unity” Award: The Commission
Lyricist of the Year: A.D. Carson
Video Producer/Director of the year: B&B Music Films
Single of the Year: Les Luger “Fuck what yall talkin”
Mixtape of the Year: Cornbread “Kokujin”
Group of the Year: Blew Swag
Fan’s Choice Award: Pytch Wyte
Producer of the Year: P JIlla
Artist of the Year: Pytch Wyte

Torch Tuesday…where hip hop lives…bar none


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